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Happy Birthday Molly!!!

This week was Molly’s 1st Birthday. Celebrated with Jordan, myself, Cricket, Gherkin & little Moo, it was a very exciting day!

I find myself with only one problem having her being over a year old now….Whatever could that problem be? Well, now whenever she misbehaves or jumps on someone, I can’t use the excuse ‘Sorry, she’s still a puppy, we’re working on that…’ If I were to recall the past 10 months of having Molly, it was complete havoc. Our little family started out in our ‘new to us’ home last March with Jordan, me, and our ferret Moo. In April we decided to add a cat named Gherkin into the mix, which was a great idea! We adopted him from D’arcy’s Arc, and he immediately found himself at home with us. Once Gherkin was completely settled, we started looking at adopting a dog. Jordan’s cousin’s dog had given birth to a litter of ten pups (on May 12), and we were pretty sure we wanted to take one, but in June, we stumbled across a little Westie X at the Brandon Humane Society that we instantly fell in love with. So, after adopting her, completely housetrained, and fairly well mannered, we thought it would be a breeze to still get one of the pups from the litter at Jordan’s cousin’s farm. I hate to admit it, but I was the one that thought it wise to inform Jordan that it was ‘easier’ having two dogs than having one… This is one issue I will admit to being wrong over:)

The first week we decided to crate train her. We placed her kennel right beside Crickets with a nice cozy pillow. What more could a dog want. After several nights of constant barking & crying, and reading as many suggestions as we could (placing a radio next to her, placing a clock with her, comforting her till she fell asleep), we wondered if my Mom’s advice of ‘Never get a puppy, they’re a lot of work’ was true… Trust me when I say, if anyone tells you to ‘leave them alone and they will eventually stop barking’…. It didn’t work for Molly. We tried to ignore it for 3 hour periods during the night, but by two in the morning when you work the next day, you have to try something else. We moved her to the basement, we moved her to our room, we tried everything. We finally caved, bought two dog beds, and placed them next to our bed. One for Cricket, one for Molly… FINALLY, success! We got a full nights sleep. The joys of raising a puppy were not only experienced at night. We both have several socks full of holes, towels with holes, bathmats with holes, a hole in our drywall (that’s a long story), are we seeing a trend here… Not to mention a black eye I received when she jumped into my face on my third day of work at my new job…Impressive!

Anyways, along with all the ‘fun’ stuff came lots of good stuff as well. As much craziness as Molly the puppy has caused in our household over the past year, I wouldn’t trade it for anything (well, okay, maybe I’d trade her schedule of getting up at 6:15 every morning, even on weekends). She’s as loyal as can be, and a best friend to her ‘siblings’, Cricket, Gherkin & Moo. She is great at playing frisbee, and loves to jump as high into the air as she can (we just need to figure out how to teach her that this is only good when catching a frisbee, not when greeting people).

That’s enough babbling from me, we made it through the puppy year with flying colours, and only a few ruined items… Now, if we can just figure out your bizarre habit of standing in the bathtub behind the curtain…

Here’s to many more years, Molly, Happy 1st Birthday!

Now some pictures…:)

This one is a bit blurry, but it’s the only picture we have of Molly on the day we picked her out of the litter.p1011052

Molly & my engagement ring.




After her spay surgery… and the damage she did to the e-collar







Now, even though this is Molly’s Birthday Post, we can’t forget about Gherkin:)


And what about Cricket…


The best of friends…


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Sasha - May 15, 2009 - 4:28 pm

What? No picture of Moo?? Just kidding! :)

Happy Birthday to Molly!

alison - May 21, 2009 - 3:04 pm

oh puppies… nothing better!

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Family Photos: R, J & J

I noticed Amber had a three to zero post ratio on me, so here’s my attempt to make up a bit =)

These photos are from a couple months ago when we went down to the Forks and the Union Station to get some awesome family shots!!  It was a chilly day out but it was still a great time.  Keep tuned for more pictures of Baby Jack and his Cousin from Ontario when they come to visit later in May!










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Photo Summer

The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous out (until today that is). It has reminded me of how nice it is to sit outside and bbq with Jordan, go jogging, play outside with the dogs, or just relax and enjoy nature. I look forward to a summer full of taking pictures of anything and everything, and there are so many exciting things coming up to look forward to which we will discuss in a later post.

For now, here’s some pictures taken on our old camera of one of my favourite places to go, and hopefully gives everyone a reminder that summer is on its way.




Until later, everyone get outside and make the best of the weather!

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Photo Fun

A couple of weeks ago, Jordan & I headed over to our realtors house to get some pictures of her & her dog Gus. We were really excited to find out after taking the pictures that she used one of our photos for her ad in the Homes & Land of Winnipeg magazine (if anyone happens to be flipping through it).

Anyways, we worked with Darlene last year to find our home, right when the market was insanely busy with people putting in offers. You can check out Darlene’s website at if you’re interested.

And now, let’s see some photos!




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